Tiny Paw Products Australia specialises in sourcing and importing high-end homewares, pet and animal products from markets including China, India, and Indonesia.

We pride ourselves on our ability to identify unique products that are manufactured to the highest standards possible. Also with our quality control right from the start to maintain suitable for world distribution into the US, the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, and Australia.

Our products use only the best quality suppliers through our supply network, which I have personally chosen and built up over the last few years. We rely on trust as our partnership in business as our pet products range grows.

 Why do we care?

Why do we care, we are brough up in life with an animal or two in our life. Our Pets bring joy,  happiness, they can be mischievous, cunning and surprisingly  intelligent in the things they do, best of all, loyalty and companionship in our busy lives.

Our pets are not limited to Cats and Dogs, so many variety of pets are out there, mice, guinea pigs ferrets, lamma, birds, snakes, frogs, fish, pigs, horses, donkeys and so many more.

Our pets need our love and attention, caring for their wellbeing as we do for ourselfs. So we care about helping in the caring of your beloved pet.

What we do

We look for good quality products and see how we can improve them, it’s then manufactured and listed for our customers. We look for good practical products share that product information on our web site that will assist you in the caring for the wellbeing and health of your beloved Pet.

Using our media out let Facebook, Instagram, Twitter along with other website to get information to you.

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