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Silicone pet brush material has a viscosity that produces an electrostatic effect that can make the pet hair attract to the brush. The three brush sizes can be used in various applications on short to long-haired pets. Best brush for long hair cats.

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The grooming brushes can have the plastic insert removed and then place fingers inside the brush and be able to bend the brush when combing and providing a gentle massage, especially on small pets around the chest and neck area. This brush set is the best dog brush for long hair.

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The large brush can be used for grooming longer hairs pets. Suitable for hair remover from car seats, carpet, pet bed sheet/blankets, sofa, clothing, drapes, cushion, etc. Hygienic and easy to use, the hair can be easily removed from the brush, washable after use by rinsing in water.

Just air-dry, but keep away from sunshine. Professional pet hair remover brush and easy to clean, environmentally friendly, durable.

For best results, because this brush is based on an electrostatic effect to attract hair. Brush 10-20 seconds and in one direction (too little strength may not create an electrostatic effect). The brushes are Oil injected which makes them dust and ash-proof, Anti-static free and comfortable to touch.


The Silicone Brush Set is packaged in a plastic casing that can be used for other applications, The Brushes sit and a molded plastic casing and can be used to store brushes in and can sit on the shelf after use.

Small Brush (Brown)

The small brush can be used for normal brushing but can be used on the chest and neck area. This is best used by removing the plastic support insert and placing your fingers in and mold it your pet body. Your pet will enjoy this immensely. as it’s great for deshedding cat brush.

The Medium Brush (Green)

The brush can be used for normal brushing application on your pet, the brush can also be used for the removal of hair and other debris from your pets bed and other cushions, rugs seat covers in the car.

The Large Brush (Blue)

The blue brush is used for longer-haired pets, better on the larger pets as it will cover more area when brushing, due to the longer bristles this brush will get in deeper and attract to long hair.

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When cleaning the brushes, just grab the hair and peel the hair back until the hair has been removed, the brushes can be washed in warm mildly soapy water to clean for the next application.

All of the silicone brush sets can brush do the same thing but with the three different sizes, they can be used for different applications around the home and vehicle which means they are a more versatile brush.

Tiny Paw Products Cat Dog Hair Remover Brush Set, for Shedding Grooming Gentle Rubber Message Short and Long Hair Small and Large pet lint and Fur Easy to Clean.

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Tiny Paw Products Elevated Dog Bowls Set – 3 Tilted Ceramic Bowls with Non-Slip Wooden Timber Stands, Hygienic Feeding for Cats, Small Dogs, Puppies, and Kittens

  • SAFE AND NATURAL – Crafted from the finest quality, all-natural materials—this pet feeding set contains three raised dog bowls made from 100% porcelain and ceramic materials, paired with durable wooden timber stands to give your pet a safe and healthy lifestyle.
  • RAISED AND TITLED – Our raised pet bowls are tilted 15 degrees to provide a comfortable feeding position to protect the cervical spine, prevent vomiting, and aid digestion in elderly pets. With this ideal positioning, your pets will not have to bend their heads down in discomfort to feed.
  • NON-SLIP DESIGN – Each dog bowl stand has a soft pad to keep the feeding bowl from sliding around or falling off. Your pet can playfully nudge the food and snack on without creating a mess every time.
  • EASY TO CLEAN – We know how important your pet’s health is to you. Our dog food bowls have a smooth surface that is easy to clean and maintain proper hygiene. They are dishwasher-friendly and super convenient for any pet owner.
  • JOINABLE STANDS – We offer a smart design that allows you to join all three dog/cat bowls stand together for convenience. Make a set of two or three, totally up to you. The stands can be set up in a straight line or in a curve as well. The bowls can be configured with the 600ml bowl in the middle or to the side.
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